Congratulations on your decision to go abroad, discover a new culture and leave your mark on the world. This document will govern how both of us (you, the participant and Castle InterProgram, the company) will work together now and in the future so that you can realize your dreams and goals, and so that Castle InterProgram can assist you in this endeavor and make sure our host families, host schools, partners abroad and vast array of stakeholders are also protected and involved. This is not a tour. This is you, going abroad, into a different culture, into a new language and everyone involved in your experience needs to work together to ensure everyone is respected and the outcomes each stakeholder wishes for this experience takes place.

To be placed on the Castle InterProgram you must read, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions. This is a legal contract between you and InterProgram, LLC. The check mark you place on your formal application when you apply confirms that you accept and agree that you and Castle InterProgram, LLC will be bound by these terms and conditions.
CIP will advice, assist, and make arrangements for the school of your choice in the country of your choice and support you the entire time you are in good standing on your Castle InterProgram in exchange for our service fee. CIP begins assisting and making arrangements the moment your credit card is accepted for your initial program deposit, which is deducted from the total service fee.

Please read these terms and conditions:

 I acknowledge that statement made on this application and documents are
accurate and true (initials)
 I understand that my application can be cancelled if the information on the
documents are found to be false and misleading
 Your responsible for your own safety and exercise caution when needed
 Be aware of local rules for safety risks
 Your to obey any rules and guideline set by overseas offices, host family,
school and employer if you have one
 Your to respect safety, rules for health, medical,
 Political, cultural and religious customs are to be held in highest regard
 CIP is not responsible for any damages and losses of private belongings
while on this program

Refund Policy
 I understand that the $90 fee is non-refundable
 The $90 will be refunded if applicant is not accepted on the program
 If you must withdraw from a program, please inform us in writing
 I confirm that if I must withdraw from the program, I will inform CIP in writing
 I understand that my agency fees and processing fees are non-refundable
 I acknowledge that the tuition fees are refundable upon proof of visa refusal
but their might be a fee for administrative services depending on the school
 I understand that most schools require a payment made in full before the
semester begins
 I am responsible to pay for my tuition fee directly to the school account
 CIP is not responsible for your airport pickup, and other accommodations

 Health Insurance- CIP provides health and travel insurance through ISIC
 If you wish for more coverage, CIP does not endorse or recommend any
insurance carrier but below or a few if you want to research for yourself
Travel Guard
Global Alert
Travel Safe

Documents that need translation
 Please be aware that you will have to translate several school documents

Flight disclaimer
 Participants are strongly advice not to purchase airline tickets 45 days out from your starting date or before obtaining your visa if needed

Waver of Liability
In order to take part in the Castle InterProgram, all participants are required to sign the CIP waiver of liability in the event of unforeseen tragedy such as death and body damage.
I confirm that in order to participate in the Castle InterProgram, I hereby agree to the following release:
 By participating in the Castle InterProgram, LLC and their employees or anyone
associated with CIP I release or discharge of/from any all liability, claims,
demands, causes of action, loss, damage, injury to person including serious
injury or death. hereby agree to be bound by these terms in the event of injury,
death, loss, damage of items. If you disagree with any part of the terms then you
may not participate in our program.

 I understand and accept that there are risks of injury associated with my
participation in this program. I agree, as a condition of being allowed to
participate in this program, that I freely and voluntarily assume all risks of injury,
death or property damage and release CIP and its owners, agents, employees,
directors and officers from any liability for personal injury, property damage or
death, which results in any way from negligence.

CIP is committed to keeping your information safe and will never distribute or share any of your medical or financial information to anyone without your express consent. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the correct use of information, we have put in place physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect online and through mail.


After you submit your formal application and pay your initial $90 application fee, you will hear from us within 1-2 business days. You will receive a list of materials necessary to submit to Castle InterProgram in order to secure your placement abroad.

Castle InterProgram will never share your contact information without your expressed consent. You do however give CIP the right to use any photos, videos, quotes from surveys or testimonials from its programs that you share or agree to share. any reason.


• In the event that there are issues with your duties, the host family, your host school or any part of your program where you need assistance, you must follow this procedure for us to be successful in helping you:

1. Notify CIP immediately in order to give us a chance to rectify the situation. You will have all of these contact numbers before you depart.


• You may be dismissed from the program at any time if CIP, the host school or governmental authorities determine that your continued participation would be detrimental.

• Living conditions may be very different from what you are used to, and may be far from transportation and other amenities.

• CIP is not responsible for finances during this time.

• You are responsible for airfare or other charges resulting from cancellation or change in your program, regardless of the cause.

• CIP sometimes relies on foreign partners or agencies for information regarding their programs; while this information is believed to be accurate, CIP makes no representation or warranties about the accuracy of this information.

This documentation can cost extra money and may take several weeks. CIP can help you, but we cannot apply for you.

• CIP is not liable for cancellation, alteration or delay caused by circumstances beyond its control, such as threat of war, sickness or quarantine, crime, terrorism, weather, acts of government, or acts of God.