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Marie Michelle Castle is the founder of Castle InterProgram, LLC. She operates her business under Christian principles. She holds a degree in Small Business Management. Castle also obtained a diploma from the University of Tours, France, where she learned to speak fluent French and studied the French culture and history. After the positive impact of experiencing a new culture, she authored her first book, “A Passport To Me.” Castle is fluent in three languages and has visited 16 countries. Her passion for traveling inspired her to found Castle InterProgram, LLC, with the goal of sharing that joy with others. Her love for assisting and making arrangements can be traced back to her pre-professional days. She likes getting people excited about the things she is passionate about. Growing up in a family of 9, she realizes that no single approach is the right one for every individual, Castle has visited each of the schools and learned their method of teaching in order to help her clients make the best choice for them. In assisting and making arrangements she builds relationships with each of her clients because the first thing she wants you to know is that she cares!

Castle InterProgram exists to help young adults find their voice, learn a new language, and discover a new culture.


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